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Empowering owners to build a better relationship with their dog.

About Me

I'm Chandler King and I love helping people live a more fulfilled life with their dog. My mission is to help people create a relationship with their dog that is built on mutual trust and respect. When we humans open our minds to the amazing things dogs are capable of, specifically our own dogs, we set the foundation for a bond that is truly unique. I can't wait to help you on your own journey toward a deeper relationship with your dog.

My programs are designed to help you and your dog reach your full potential


Board and Train

This is an immersive training experience where your dog comes to live with me in my home. The structure and training provided on a daily basis are catered to your specific needs for your dog. This program includes consistently scheduled practice with you, the client, so that when the program is over you feel confident in both what you have learned and in continuing to work with your dog.


Virtual Lessons

This is a program that is extremely beneficial for people who have a young puppy who isn't fully vaccinated yet or who know they need help but aren't sure how much help or where to start. Virtual Lessons are excellent for figuring out a training game plan, working through changes in at-home structure that may be needed, getting started on basics, and much more! The biggest benefit? Not having to load up in the car or pay for me to come to you!



Coming Soon! Online Classes

These classes are aimed at people with new puppies or adult dogs who have had little to no training. We will delve into things like loose leash walking, appropriate socialization, what to do when puppies bite, crate and potty training, and more. These will make excellent refresher material for people who haven't had a puppy in a long time or a great starting point for a brand-new dog owner.


Day Training

This program provides 4 hours of training for your dog in my home or out and about depending on your dog's needs and skill level. This program can be scheduled up to 4 days a week and is a great daycare alternative for dogs who need extra training or don't thrive in the typical daycare setting, which can be a difficult place for a lot of dogs.


Group Classes

This is a program for people who know they mostly need help with their dog out and about in the world around distractions, and whose dog couldn't use some work around distractions?! Dogs who are invited to Group Class in person have gone through some training with me first so that I can ensure the safety of everyone involved. And don't worry, I also offer virtual challenges in combination with in-person Group Classes so that you can keep working towards those goals you have even on weeks we don't meet in person.

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Other Services

As an AKC Evaluator, I am able to provide testing for the CGC, CGCA, CGCU, Trick titles, and AKC S.T.A.R Puppy.

Other services I offer include Temperament Evaluations for litters or individual puppies and assistance with breed and breeder/shelter/rescue selection for people looking to do everything they can to ensure they get a dog that is a good fit for their lifestyle.


Private Lessons

This one-on-one individualized training can be done in your home or out and about at local pet-friendly places depending on your dog's needs and skill level. These sessions can be catered specifically to you and your dog's needs and you will be given specific changes and activities to incorporate at home between sessions.


Enriched Boarding for Clients

Are you and your dog tired of the kennel setup of most boarding places? Does your dog come home from a typical boarding place wound tight from a lack of stimulation? You aren't alone. The kennel setup of most boarding places is difficult for a lot of dogs. I offer Enriched Boarding for clients' dogs in my home where they will get daily mental and physical stimulation through sniff walks, environmental agility, fetch, and more.

Contact Us

Greenville, TX

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Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday                    9:30-6:00

Sunday                                        Closed

Thanks for contacting us! We will reach out to you in 1-3 business days for more information and to send you our more in-depth training questionnaire.

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